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New England is for Making Snow Angels Out of Snow Storms

My husband and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary on May 1. When a dream Ireland trip fell through, we still wanted to go somewhere we've never been to celebrate in style. Since Colorado has always been on my bucket list and we have good friends who used to live there and were gracious with suggestions, we flew into Denver and then spent a few beautiful days in Vail.

 When we arrived and picked up our rental car, I noticed a strange object on the front seat.

I picked up the long black item curiously, studying it for it's intended purpose. I thought the previous car renters may have left their beloved what's-it behind.

Shane caught sight of my confused expression, looked down at what I was holding, and burst into laughter.

Echo Lake near Mt. Evans
"You've never seen one of those before, have you?" he asked me. "Oh, you are in for a treat if we ever move to the North."

My friends, it was a snow scraper/brush and it is true that this southern belle had never before seen one. Enterprise is pretty smart, because there was quite a bit of snow during our Colorado trip. I absolutely loved it. One night at dinner, we sat by a fireplace at this beautiful restuarant in the heart of Vail, with floor-to-ceiling windows; we watched the snow fall and I was so overcome with magic and awe. I'll never forget that feeling.

Fast forward a few months and one long road trip later, the Reillys are Massachusetts residents and winter is upon us. Shane came home a few days ago with a smile. "I got you a present!"

"What is it?" I asked, knowing his smile could only mean a trick was up his sleeve.

"I got you a snow scraper. Don't worry, I'll teach you how to use it. I am also going to teach you how to shovel, so prepare those biceps!"

Thankfully, it wasn't my first time seeing such a contraption.

Shane's "gift" came just in time. Last night, he called me downstairs and I wish I could describe to you accurately enough the amount of excitement and joy I felt when I realized it was snowing at our new home.

I grabbed my hat and coat as quickly as I could, leashed up the dogs, and stepped outside into a winter wonderland. I was in heaven.

Our blurry, but exciting, first snow experience!

Since moving to New England from the Deep South, I have encountered more than my share of naysayers and Debbie Downers. The winter is always the first thing people comment on, usually with a negative remark or playful warning about what is to come, and I suppose rightly so; the winter is perhaps the greatest difference in my new home (that and the dialect I am still working on deciphering!). I know that with most things, the excitement you may have once felt  quickly wears off as you go through your day-to-day, but I always strive to see the glass as half full. Every bundle of lemons can be delightful lemonade if you pour in a little sweetness. I am choosing to make snow angels out of snow storms, because there is beauty in that.

The snow-brushed trees in our backyard

I felt the magic of winter last night as I stood outside and listened to the falling snow. There is magic in most things if you can take a moment to find it. Sure, I will have to learn to shovel and I will dread the puddles my boots will leave throughout the house, but when else does sparkle fall out of the sky?


  1. I really do love snow. It hardly snows in London. But when it does it causes quite a stir. As the Brits are usually not prepared for it. @bloggers&youtubers


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